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Making Arrangements

At Piper Funeral Home, we want to make arrangements simple for you. We offer a huge variety of containers and traditional caskets designed to meet your unique and personal needs but we'll be happy to go over your options and answer any questions that you may have. If you are looking for something in particular, please let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

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Cremation Jewelry

Legacy Touch

2889 Majestic Brushed Bronze FC

2308 Academy Dark Copper Bronze

2308 Trojan Gunmetal

American Cherry Natural

Gatewood Cherry

Manchester Cherry


Dover Oak

3946 Sanctuary

Hermitage Hickory

Hearthside Oak

3502 Brushed Hyacinth

3935 Harvest Dark Sage Brush

Chesapeake Cherry


Southern Pecan Lancaster

Woodstock Oak Veneer

Pilgrim Pine

El Paso Oak Spanish

3947 Brushed Hyacinth

Vesta Oak Rental

Virginia Rose Maple

Prairies Oak

5298 Silver Rose

Barnwood 26"

Freeport Poplar Rental

660 Oak

Magnolia Poplar Manchester

1722 Sandstone Brushed

Biltmore 32.75" Blue 18GA

Biltmore 32.75" Silver 18GA

Akron Oak

Rountree Copper 29" 18GA

1556 Going Home Diamond Blue

Bristol Poplar

Imperial Poplar Sable 27"

600W Wheat Oak

447 Comfort Coral Mist

821 Light Nutmeg Brushed

Dakota Popar 27"

5050 Winter Bloom

5085 Conwell Black Cashmere Brushed

Jackson Oak Veneer

547 Meadow Merlot Brushed

502 Brushed Hyacinth

1725 Ebony Brushed

1725 Brushed Cashmere Copper


Washington Poplar

Sebring Pecan

Dakota Poplar V

23rd Psalm

843 Midnight Blue

895 Chiffon Rose

887 Patriot Ebony

887 Freedom Midnight Blue

867 Cardinal

843 White Sand

Ratlin Grande

447 Coral Mist

630 Flat Oak

Dayton Poplar Manchester

465 Coral Mist

Clark Ash Veneer

Augusta Silver Ebony 27" 18GA

Augusta Light Orchid Silver 27" 18GA

512 Orchid Blend Gray

491 Baltic Blue

1382 Potomac Ocean Blue

1959 Columbia Charcoal 27.25" 18GA

1942 Cedartone 27.25" 18GA

Scott Knotty Pine Veneer

592 Spartan Hunter Green

Webster Poplar

430 Select Poplar Brown Semi-Gloss

440 Select Poplar 27.25"

435 Select Poplar Cherry Semi-Gloss

Royal Silver 32" 20GA

Royal White 32" 20GA

Royal Bronze 32" 20GA

Royal Powder Blue 32" 20GA

Royal Orchid 32" 20GA

Augustine Ebony

Stratford Silver

Stratford Ebony

Phoenix Ebony

Phoenix Metallic Blue

Augustine Orchid

Augustine Metallic Blue

Augustine Silver

Stratford Metallic Blue

Phoenix Silver

Stratford Orchid

Simeon Poplar Gloss

Sierra Pine 28"

Estate Golden Cherry Veneer


969 Reverence White/Gold

573 Pacific Blue

572 Coral Mist

293 Bolton Wineberry

293 Bolton Monarch Blue

979 Cordova Bronze

979 Butler

979 Diamond Blue

979 Taupe

Forester Oak

276 Gardner Almond

1614 Edson London Blue

1614 Edson Orchid

1614 Edson Dark Gunmeta

1471 White Sand/Gold 27.25" 20GA

1471 Silver/Dark Gunmetal 27.25" 20GA

1471 Ebony/Gold 27.25" 20GA

1614 Edson Copper

1471 White/Gold 27.25" 20GA

Praying Hands

Lady of Guadalupe Powder Blue

Lady of Guadalupe Metallic Blue

Lady of Guadalupe All White

Journey Bronze

Journey Powder Blue

Journey White

Journey Dark Gun Metal

Royal White 28.5" 20GA

Royal Powder Blue 28.5" 20GA

Royal Bronze 28.5" 20GA

Royal Orchid 28.5" 20GA

Royal Silver 28.5" 20GA

Praying Hands Bronze

Praying Hands Metallic Blue

Praying Hands White

Praying Hands All White

Lord's Prayer Bronze

Lord's Prayer White

Lord's Prayer All White

Lord's Prayer Metallic Blue

Patriot Metallic Blue

Patriot Dark Gun Metal

Patriot Powder Blue

Going Home Dark Gun Metal

Going Home Powder Blue

Going Home Metallic Blue

Wheat Bronze

White Rose

425 Select Poplar Brown Semi-Gloss


Frontier Pine Flat Top

Falcon Poplar 27"

23rd Psalm Metallic Blue

23rd Psalm Powder Blue

23rd Psalm White

23rd Psalm Bronze


645 Dennison Monarch Blue

645 Dennison Colonial Bronze

645 Dennison White

645 Dennison Silver

645 Dennison Wineberry

Quincy Cherry Veneer

Patriarch Metallic Blue

Patriarch Dark Gun Metal

670 Orchid

670 Copper

Countryside Bronze

Pearl Rose White

Matriarch White

Pearl Rose Orchid

Church and Tree

Corinthian Bronze

Corinthian All White

Corinthian Dark Gun Metal

Corinthian Metallic Blue

Corinthian Powder Blue

Walton Walnut Veneer

Starlight Bronze

Starlight Metallic Blue

Mother's Rose White

Heaven Has a New Angel Almond

Mother's Rose Orchid

Heaven Has a New Angel Bronze

Heaven Has a New Angel Metallic Blue

Heaven Has a New Angel White

Eternity All White

410 Select Poplar Brown Satin

Last Supper Blue

Last Supper White

Last Supper White

623 Russett Bronze

623 Silver/Ebony

Hampton Honor - Air Force

Hampton Honor - Army

Hampton Honor - Navy

Hampton Honor - Marines

Summit Metallic Blue

Summit Dark Gun Metal

Summit Powder Blue

New Horizon All White

New Horizon White

New Horizon Powder Blue

New Horizon Dark Gun Metal

New Horizon Metallic Blue

New Horizon Bronze

Lawrence Bronze

Lawrence Powder Blue

Lawrence Dark Gun Metal

620 Olive Bronze

620 Light Gunmetal

Mother's Rose Orchid

Liberty Blue

Liberty Silver

Mother's Rose All White

Waterfall Metallic Blue

Waterfall Dark Gun Metal

Waterfall Orchid

Three Roses Orchid

Calvary Crosses Almond

Birch Tree Almond

Birch Tree Dark Gun Metal

Birch Tree Metallic Blue

Birch Tree Orchid

Calvary Crosses Orchid

Calvary Crosses Dark Gun Metal

Liberty Metallic Blue

Calvary Crosses Metallic Blue

Homeward Blue

Homeward Copper

Homeward Metallic Blue

Homeward Silver

Homeward White

Serenity White

Serenity Copper

Serenity Metallic Blue

Serenity Silver

Homeward Orchid

Silver Rose

Pieta Sandstone


Serenity Blue

Serenity Orchid

670 Bronzetone

Timberland Pine

Rose Marie


V-Ray Orchid

V-Ray Almond

V-Ray Dark Gun Metal

V-Ray Metallic Blue

Diplomat Red

Diplomat Green

Diplomat Purple

Diplomat Orange

Galaxy Doeskin 36"

Heritage Oak Veneer

1123 Patton Soft Pink

1123 Patton Midnight Blue

1123 Patton White

718 Chandler Monarch Blue

718 Chandler Orchid Shaded White

718 Chandler White Shaded Gold

718 Chandler Colonial Bronze

718 Chandler Silver

718 Chandler Gold Shaded Venetian Bronze

1123 Patton Silver



Gregory 27"

Graham 27"


Treemont Blue

Treemont Copper

Treemont Silver

Treemont White

Treemont Orchid



Youth White Shaded Gold 5' 6"

Franklin Silver

Franklin Copper

Franklin Blue

Franklin Orchid

Youth White Shaded Gold 4' 6"

Franklin White

1170 Allen Copper

1170 Allen Silver

1170 Holloway White

Lonkay Poplar Veneer

Youth White Shaded Gold 3' 6"

Paris II White

Youth White Shaded Gold 2' 6"

170 Nelson Silver Hammertex

170 Nelson Charcoal

170 Nelson Bronzetone

Albany Brown

Albany Gray

Danmark Black Metallic

Danmark White

624 Colonial Bronze

Lancaster Veneer

Cosmic Doeskin 29"

McCord 48" HC

Delta Blue

Delta Copper

Delta Silver

Delta Orchid

Delta White

Cosmic Doeskin 26"

Homestead Pine Veneer

Homestead Coach Cherry Veneer

Clair Silver

Clair Blue

Clair White

Clair Copper

327 Majestic Gold 27.25" 20GA NG

327 Majestic Silver 27.25" 20GA NG

670 Silver/Dark Gunmetal

Truman Brown

Truman Gray

Alex Blue

Alex Copper

Alex Silver

Alex White

Stockton Veneer

McCord 36" FC

McCord 24" FC

Barnwood Rocking Chair

McCord 12"

2380 Champagne

2308 Augusta Winter Bloom

2308 Estate Midnight Blue

2308 Princeton Lite Brushed Copper

2308 Courtney Taupe Brushed

Antique Walnut

Morgan Cherry

2444 Aberdeen Starlite Brushed

2689 Dark Brushed Copper

Marquet Mahogany

2299 Starlite Brushed Bronze

Parliament Mahogany

2889 Regal Brushed

Victoriaville Mahogany

2889 Majestic Brushed Bronze

2308 Victoria Silver Rose

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